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Arizona is leading the nation in school choice, and the scholarship tax credit program is one key way that our State is making it possible for thousands of students to attend the parochial schools that their parents believe best meet their child's needs. The program allows Arizona taxpayers to contribute a portion of their Arizona State tax liability to a School Tuition Organization (STO) and take a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their Arizona State income tax return. 

Who can receive an Original/Individual Scholarship?

Scholarships are available to any student attending a private school. Each STO has its own application and eligibility requirements. Families must apply to the STOs for consideration and must reapply annually.

Who can contribute and claim the Original/Individual Tax Credit?

Anyone with an Arizona State tax liability can take advantage of the tax credit program. A married couple filing jointly can redirect up to $1056. A single filer can redirect up to $528. You can recommend a student and/or a school on the donor form. The recommended student must have an active application on file at the STO. Recommendations are not guaranteed.

The STO that we use is Arizona Christian Scholarship Tuition Organization (ACSTO) - click link for more information

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